Having Problems Installing Your Casio wk Driver?

In casio wk-3800, MIDI on August 21, 2008 at 5:29 pm

I bought the Casio wk-3800 keyboard and am being ambitious.  I want to download MORE, more, MORE from the internet from

So…above?  This is the first thing you read.  It requires a few readings to get down to the meat of the messages, and whether it applies to you, and to what extend, somewhat reminiscent of drug labels.

Basically, don’t turn stuff off and on midstream, I think is the main deal.  Also, that you have to get your MIDI going BEFORE you start your music software stuff.  If you try to do that backward, the software won’t recognize the midi device because it wasn’t connected at the time you started the software.  I think that’s what they are saying.

I hope that clears it up for you.

Also, the “readme” file I was directed to in the manual said to look for the file called **** such and such *** to install the driver from the provided CD.  I did that.

Now this .pdf file says I was supposed to have my keyboard hooked up already to do installation?


That is confusing.  (Development note to CASIO:  let’s have a disk that does autorun when you put it in that walks you through the installation process.  My brain is cramping–and, trust me, if mine is…no one else is making it this far.  I actually thrive on the details and READ the manual.  It’s true.  I’m a geek.  Let’s work together here.)

I need to get another cup of coffee, move my keyboard to computer zone, find all these hook-ups, take more back pain medicine, and try again later. {Are you worn out reading that, ’cause I am!)

Stay tuned!


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