Casio Midi Setup Snag…the wrong cable.

In Uncategorized on August 21, 2008 at 8:53 pm

SO… what you need to go buy is what is called either a printer cable…the guy at Radio Shack said it was a “firewire”.  It was going to be $31 there.  I told him that was outside my budget for today, though I drove quite a piece to get there for it.  I drove to Wal*Mart and bought it for $21.  I bought a ten foot jack.  I probably could have gotten away with the little 3-4′ one at the local computer store, but that seemed a little too tight for me.  I wanted to be able to stand and play keys if I wanted.  I tend to be a “stand-up” kind of keyboard player as a rule.

So, now I have the chord.

Next step in the on-going saga to follow…figuring out how to download from the web to the keyboard.

I’m parusing that website now.

Here’s where it gets tricky again–following the website for the software.  It’s a little tricky to figure out.  I’ll get to that next time.  I have a lot to read before The Hub gets home.


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