Practicing for Sunday Worship Using Casio WK-3800were

In casio wk-3800, ccm, keyboard, keyboarding, praise band, synthesizer, worship on August 27, 2008 at 6:29 pm
    • For “God of this City”, Chris Tomlin, try Rhythm set 025, 16BTBallad with harmony added in for the chorus (str grand piano the main sound).  The strings automatically add into the chorus when you switch to the #2 drum alternate using the fill-in/next button.  The key of this song :”God of this City” is hard to get into.  I’m using Full Range Chord.  You just have to watch that your “fills” don’t make a chord (three notes) or you get a bad bass chord in there you didn’t intend!
    • For “The Way I Was Made“, Chris Tomlin, try (Rhythm:  013, Tempo:  108; Tone: 005).  The Beginning and End pre-programmed with the rhythm set work pretty nicely if you want to try those out for style.
    • For “God of Justice“, Tim Hughes ( see youTube if you don’t know this…it’s awesome, by Tim Hughes) (Rhythm: 022; Tempo: 87; Tone 015 + 330 Layered in the chorus).  Switch back to (1) rhythm for the bridge, build back to (2) for the chorus to end.  I also added a split for the bridge and last chorus using 154 “Sine Bass” to give that “boom” to the bass.  It’s the only bass on it worth much live in my opinion).
    • For “God of this City” try Rhythm: 025, Tempo, 72; Tone: 000 (add 2 step harmony for chorus).  Switch to “B” for chorus.  The pre-programmed ending I liked.  If you don’t like the beginning, just started the drums, then add in your base chord so that the bass lick started, add in your intro chordings the next measure, then add another (1) drum lick and begin singing.  It will sound great on most drum rhythms.
    • For “Your Worthy of My Praise”, David Ruis, try Rhythm 019 Funk, Tempo 104, Tone 005.  (Use 1 for verses, and 2 for chorus on the drums).
    • For Hosanna (Praise is Rising), Paul Baloche, try (I’ll add tomorrow)

    I’ve found it useful to put the keyboard on a matching drum beat for the song and practice the lead line using “Casio Chord” or “Full Range Chord”.  The first setting lets me just hit the note of the bass (it’s CASIO abbreviation– a minor is any key directly to the right…add a seventh by adding the next key to the right), or just three notes that make up  a chord anywhere on the keyboard with “full range chord” automatically tells the bass what to play.  Talk about sWeet! (Just don’t fill to the point you are playing chords or weirdness WILL happen).

    • This gives me drums and bass so that I don’t practice “overplaying”.
    • It also is helping me get a feel for the lead line–we just use chord charts for most everything.  Invitations, I often find the full score to be able to pick up and pick through the song meaningfully solo if needed.

    The links take you to some charts I’m using as guidelines to practice.  I’ll get the real deal Sunday under our CCLI, but these give me a head start so I don’t have to go to the church for them during the week.  They may need chord correction, and they may not be in the same key we do it in on Sunday.  But, it gets me started.  I’ve started asking our leader for the key as well as the song to try to avoid practice in the wrong key…that helped me this week.  If the song links are dead, it probably meant they found copywrite issues and removed it…I can’t help you find the music if that happened, you’ll just have to search and see what you find for practice purposes only.

    To start if the pre-programmed “begin” isn’t appropriate to the start.  Start with the transitional drum lick (A) if you don’t want to risk the preset intro.  Let it run a few measures.  Hit the bass chords for the first few lines.  Then do a little intro that matches the song.  Hit A again and begin singing.

    One of my favorite layering sounds right now are strings and “warm” sound.  I have the #338 memorized for layer.  I am also loving “Ambient” piano, as well as Bright, and Rock.

    If you find it cuts out with drums when you add layers of Strings, try using the pre-layered piano with strings on the main piano list instead.  It seems to help.


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