My First Gig with the Casio Wk-3800 Keyboard

In casio wk-3800, keyboarding, Live, praise band on September 1, 2008 at 4:09 pm

I used the keyboard plugged into the system at the church gym yesterday for the contemporary service.

It did not have as “rich” a sound as the Roland, but was SO flexible, and I think I can duplicate some of that richness using the DSP settings…I played with those some this morning.  There are so many, it’s almost baffling, but it would be great to quickly get a “bright” or “rock” sound just by keeping the same base sound and altering the DSP, even mid-song.  There is a small ‘break’ when you switch sounds, but the sustain petal can help, and a full band sound definately would cover it.

I am interested in learning more about saving some settings to the DSP USER slots, how long they stay “set”, and their useage.  I’ll post as I find out.

I bought a memory card just to have one at the local “FRED’S” store for $10.00.  See the manual for your keyboard, but I was glad it was only 1GB…the card has to be that or under to work!

I found that I really enjoyed the “ambient” sound yesterday…but that may have been the compaint for “lack of depth”.

Generally, the bass fills the depth, and our bass wasn’t experienced yesterday.  I was actually looking for some “brighter” sounds that would not compete with the guitars, bass, and electric as much, but when they are weaker, I suppose I need something fuller.

I loved the “warmth” layer, but found that it was too heavy on the early attack.  I may try “slow strings” or something next time, or just add it when the singing begins.  It felt too heavy for underscoring at times to me.

It will just be something to learn.  The Roland had a nice “wind” sound I found a few weeks ago…I hope I find something similar on it.

I’d like to make some taped on quick number sets that drop down in front of me on index cards that velcro to be hidden underneath when I want, or something…there are times on the fly when I want something else, but don’t know the menu well enough yet, and can’t see what I need quickly enough.


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